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Maximizing energy output using renewables equipment
Optimizing vessels' engines for greener maritime
Enabling remote diagnostics using data from wearables
Life Sciences
Utilizing AI across the medical treatment value chain


Innovations and AI Technological Advancement in the Nutrition &
Discover how using AI/ML technologies has become a game-changer for the nutrition and weight management industry.
Three Industrial Challenges That IIoT Solves with the Help
Check out how IIoT (industrial IoT) resolves the main challenges in manufacturing inside - gain visibility in operations, reduce productivity waste, and more.
Building a Virtual Mental Health Chatbot Solution with ChatGPT
Discover ChatGPT, an OpenAI technology for building a chatbot to support and guide users seeking mental health help inside the article.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Prototyping and Deploying a Chatbot
The creation of chatbots has never been easier by using AWS ECS Fargate for its prototyping and deployment. Check out the guide inside.
Accelerate Remote Patient Monitoring and Care Management with IoT
Integration of AWS and IoT technologies is a solution to boost performance in healthcare for remote patient monitoring and care management. Find details inside
Cloud computing
How to Boost Digital Mental Health Therapy with AI:
Want to integrate AI/ML in mental health digital products? Discover answers to common tech questions & the complete journey required to boost mental therapy.
artificial intelligence
Boost Time to Market by Exploring Possible Visual Recommenders
Want to grow and implement AI-empowered approaches for the fashion and apparel industry? Check out CV-enabled recommendations and technologies inside
Fashion and technology
Migrate your Machine Learning Workload to Serverless Architecture with
Want to use AWS Lambda to migrate the machine learning workload? Discover the AWS Lambda, use cases, and the steps to incorporate the technology inside.
Cloud technology