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Maximizing energy output using renewables equipment
Optimizing vessels' engines for greener maritime
Enabling remote diagnostics using data from wearables
Life Sciences
Utilizing AI across the medical treatment value chain


How We Manage a Portfolio of Crypto Assets with
Check out how you can successfully manage the crypto portfolio with the help of machine learning and AWS inside this guide.
Bitcoin management & cup
How New AWS AI/ML and Big Data Offerings Help
In part 3 on improving your business with AWS AI/ML & Big Data, check out Amazon technologies to Collect, Process, Store, and Analyze the data inside.
Big Data
How New AWS AI/ML and Big Data Offerings Help
In part 2 of using AWS AI/ML & Big Data, discover Amazon Forecast, Personalize, Comprehend, Textract, Transcribe, Lex, etc., for improving your business.
Artificial Brain
How New AWS AI/ML and Big Data Offerings Help
Interested in using AWS AI/ML & Big Data to create a new or advance existing business? In part 1, check out Amazon SageMaker for working with data models.
Artificial intelligence
MLOps Strategy to Advance Machine Learning Apps
Check out how to create effective AI/ML solutions by utilizing the latest MLOPs strategies and practices inside. DevOps vs. MLOps. ML Automation.
MLOps Planning
Use of Emerging Technologies in FashionTech: AI in Fashion
Using AI in fashion will result in industry domination: visual search, AR/ AI for trying items on, AI-empowered stylists, AI clienteling & omnichannel strategy.
AI In Fashion
Explaining Why You Would Fail At 98% Of Chances
Check out a detailed explanation of the managed service model suitable for complex AI-based and R&D projects - use cases, examples, benefits, and more inside.
Project planning
Neurons Lab is Highlighted as a Top Verified Vendor
Neurons Lab completed a complex verification program from Pangea, resulting in entering an elite community within the top 7% of vendors worldwide.
People sitting in the office space