Fast track your AI integration with the AI Design Sprint
Get clarity on and prioritize impactful AI opportunities for your business. Capitalize on AI's capabilities.

AI feature integration is a complex task. How can you get clarity quickly on which AI features are going to bring real value and at what cost?

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, all innovation first companies need to seek new ways to integrate AI into existing solutions or services and deliver these features to market faster and with a higher chance of success.

The AI Design sprint is an unparalleled framework created for you to foster creativity while minimizing risks, costs and uncertainty. It compacts the AI integration process into a structured, time-limited model and involves key stakeholders to solve complex technical challenges and build value each day.

AI Design Sprint Overview

Turn specific business challenges into business opportunities.
  • conceptualize
  • design
  • prototype
  • conceptualize

Facilitate efficient decision making, collaboration and interaction to validate your AI initiatives while keeping costs, time and risk to a minimum.

The sprint draws inspiration from Google’s Design Sprint methodology and adapts it to integrating Artificial intelligence and machine learning components.

  • Understand technical feasibility and costs of potential AI initiatives
  • Reduce uncertainty & identify risks
  • Speed up the AI integration process
  • Evaluate proof of value and receive market feedback through customer interviews

Who is the AI Design Sprint built for?

The AI Design Sprint is a powerful way to get fast insights into new AI solutions or initiatives for both startups and enterprises alike.
For established organizations

Reduces risk, engages all stakeholders, develops long-term strategy, and analyzes costs, enabling an organization to gage the opportunity for integrating AI technologies.

For startups

Solves analysis paralysis by providing clarity on prioritization and feasibilty of AI solutions, speeding up the decision making process and ending in investor-ready artifacts.

The AI Design Sprint at Neurons Lab

Over years of close collaboration, we have carefully analyzed the most prevalent challenges faced by the majority of fast growing companies. Our experts have worked meticulously to develop our own version of the Design Sprint methodology to power AI product development.

The Neurons Lab design sprint is a structured, 2 week process. It follows a comprehensive innovation journey which unfolds in the different stages outlined below:

1. Set up

Prepare environments set up for a successful sprint

2. Map

Delves into objectives, pain points, and challenges

3. Sketch

Creativity flourishes to shape AI-infused possibilities

4. Decide

Select the most impactful solution

5. Prototype

Bring the chosen concept to life

6. Test

Introduce real-world scenarios to potential users

7. Refine

Feedback is our compass to refine the AI solution

8. Wrap up

Draw conclusions and define vision of the next steps

What outcomes can you expect?

Our aim is to produce a series of artifacts that bring a tangible impact and clear next steps to your organization. By the end of the two weeks, we produce the following artifacts:
  • Research and problem identification
  • Competitor analysis report from the AI lense
  • Solution ideation
  • Technical research & feasibility
  • Data research
  • Prioritized list of AI initiatives
  • PoC AI feature alignment
  • PoC Work Breakdown Structure
  • PoC roadmap
  • Prototyping and validation
  • PoC architecture
  • Lessons learned repository

Explore the sprint team set up

ML Delivery Manager

Facilitates the AI design sprint, streamlining processes and aligning stakeholders, managing the team’s time and project documentation.

Product Owner

Guides product development, defining goals, prioritizing features, and ensuring alignment with user needs whilst also contributing domain expertise.

Principal Data Scientist

Leads advanced data analysis, interprets insights, and guides AI strategy. During the sprint, they provide expertise in data-driven decision-making, enhancing model performance, and optimizing project outcomes.

ML Engineer

Works on building the prototype, developing optimizing, and integrating machine learning model whilst ensuring functionality, performance, and alignment with goals.

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designer The UX/UI designer focuses on creating user-centric interfaces and experiences. They enhance usability, empathy, and visual appeal, ensuring proposed products align with user needs and goals.

Run your AI Design Sprint with Neurons Lab

Unparalleled speed
We condense weeks or even months of work into a focused and intensive sprint within a small dedicated team, saving our clients valuable time and resources. Our detailed design sprint handbooks empower us to work fast.
Real-world validation
Throughout the sprint, we focus on rapid prototyping and testing, enabling us to validate ideas and concepts in real-world scenarios. By gathering user feedback early in the process, we ensure that the final solutions are both user-centric and market-ready.
Decision-maker-ready deliverables
The outputs we produce during the Design Sprint represent the main artifacts needed to either pitch to investors or get buy-in from C-suite executives or technical experts performing due diligence.

Discover a real example and outcomes

Posthumously partnered with Neurons Lab to create a ground-breaking platform that captures, stores, and presents the memories and stories of individuals in an emotionally engaging and realistic manner.

The objective of this 2-week design sprint was to create a comprehensive plan and framework for the development of a groundbreaking application that would revolutionize digital commemoration.


the full story

“The outcome of the design sprint has greatly assisted Posthumously to establish a workable plan of action for building the first version of the application and roadmap for accurately predicting the number of sprints needed to get a working first version of the Posthumously application.

I believe every tech startup should consider adding a design sprint, pre-MVP development stage in order to re-evaluate and vet product or application requirements before embarking on development.”

CEO of AtenTech,
Founder of Posthumously

About Neurons Lab

Neurons Lab is an AI service provider that partners with fast-growing companies to co-create disruptive AI solutions, empowering them to gain a competitive edge in their industries.

Our goal is to help businesses to unlock the full potential of AI technologies with support from our diverse and highly skilled team, made up of applied scientists and PhDs, industry experts, data scientists, AI developers, cloud specialists, user design experts and business strategists with international expertise from across a variety of industries.

As an AWS Advanced Partner and AWS Machine Learning Competency Partner, Neurons Lab holds expertise in leveraging AWS services to develop and deploy advanced AI and machine learning solutions.