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Creating a predictive maintenance solution in shipping with Magellan X

Creating a predictive maintenance solution in shipping with Magellan X

Neurons Lab partnered with Magellan X to deliver a predictive maintenance solution, optimizing the performance and sustainable energy consumption of fleets.

Partner Overview

Magellan X (previously known as Chord X), founded in 2019 and based in Singapore, is a leading maritime data analytics company that focuses on the energy management of large maritime assets. With a mission to revolutionize the maritime industry, Magellan X delivers cutting-edge predictive maintenance and insights to optimize the performance and energy consumption of fleets. Their innovative solutions cater to shipping companies worldwide, ensuring efficient operations and sustainable practices.

Magellan X’s team comprises industry experts who bring years of experience and unparalleled expertise to the table, making them a trusted partner for shipping companies seeking to enhance their operations and reduce their environmental footprint.


Magellan X sought to address several critical business challenges in the maritime industry to enhance their clients’ operations and reach their sustainability goals:

1. Proactive asset data management: The industry requires a shift from traditional, reactive approaches to managing asset data onboard vessels to more proactive, data-driven strategies that leverage machine learning techniques for actionable insights.

2. Optimized maintenance and incident prevention: Shipping companies need solutions that enable predictive maintenance capabilities, allowing them to prevent breakdowns before they happen and reduce downtime, maintenance costs, and operational disruptions.

3. Effective emissions control and reduction: With increasing pressure to reduce emissions and adopt sustainable practices, shipping companies must identify and implement effective emissions control strategies that align with industry goals.

4. Enhanced operational efficiency: Addressing inefficiencies in engine combustion processes and high fuel consumption rates is essential for shipping companies looking to increase operational efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.

Magellan X aimed to develop innovative solutions to alleviate these pain points, enabling shipping companies to optimize their operations, reduce their environmental footprint, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.


Magellan X and Neurons Lab joined forces to develop an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates machine learning and physics-based models. This hybrid approach enabled the real-time analysis of data from various sensors, such as cylinder pressure, exhaust gas temperature, and valve sensors, leading to more accurate insights and reduced data requirements for learning models.

To ensure a secure and scalable foundation, the solution utilized AWS Landing Zone. The team also implemented MLOps pipelines using AWS services to streamline the building, training, and deployment of AI and machine learning models. A self-service portal was created for provisioning infrastructure patterns, enhancing the overall efficiency of the project.

By leveraging IoT data ingestion to AWS Data Lake, Magellan X and Neurons Lab enabled more comprehensive data analytics and anomaly detection. They further refined their solution by developing advanced physics-derived feature sets for pressure curve analysis and physics-aware deep learning models for accurate fault detection, both of which were built, trained, and deployed using AWS SageMaker.

The solution also incorporated AWS IoT SiteWise, which streamlined data collection from industrial equipment and provided valuable performance metrics. Amazon Lookout for Equipment was employed to detect early signs of equipment failure, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime.


The collaboration between Magellan X and Neurons Lab led to significant business and product outcomes that greatly benefited both the company and its clients:

1. Positive environmental impact: The solution allowed shipping companies to effectively monitor and manage their emissions, aligning with industry goals for reducing environmental pollution and promoting sustainable practices.

2. Improved operational efficiency: The deployment frequency increased, lead times were reduced, and failure rates decreased, resulting in more streamlined and efficient operations for shipping companies.

3. Enhanced decision-making: The anomaly detection system enabled early identification and prevention of potential vessel issues, empowering shipping companies to make data-driven decisions that minimized unexpected downtime and maintenance costs.

4. Optimized vessel performance: Advanced physics-derived feature sets for pressure curve analysis and physics-aware deep learning models for accurate fault detection led to optimized vessel performance, directly contributing to better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

5. Compliance and security: The developed solution met industry security and compliance requirements, ensuring that both Magellan X and their clients operated within the regulatory framework, minimizing risks and potential penalties.

Grafana Dashboard with Vessel Digital Twin

In line with Industry 4.0 principles, Magellan X and Neurons Lab created a digital twin of the vessels, allowing for real-time monitoring and performance analysis. This digital representation empowered shipping companies to optimize operations and make data-driven decisions, transforming the maritime industry’s approach to energy management and emissions control.

The collaboration between Magellan X and Neurons Lab resulted in a unified, efficient, and clear solution that not only revolutionized the way shipping companies manage asset data onboard their vessels, but also contributed to the industry’s goals of reducing emissions and optimizing energy consumption.

AWS IoT Accelerator for Maritime and Industrial Customers

AWS IoT Accelerator for Maritime and Industrial Customers

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