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AWS ML Competency Announcement

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AWS ML Competency Partner

Neurons Lab Elevates Product Innovation: Earns AWS Machine Learning Competency Status in Applied AI

March 29, 2023 – Neurons Lab, the company that propels product innovation with AI engineering and a unique blend of scientific and business knowledge, is thrilled to announce that it has achieved the prestigious Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning (ML) Competency status in the Applied AI category. This recognition attests to Neurons Lab’s expertise in providing R&D, Data and Analytics, Platform Services, and MLOps Services on AWS, enabling organizations to unlock the true potential of AI and ML.

In addition to their AWS ML Competency achievement, Neurons Lab offers MLOps Accelerator, a powerful tool that empowers clients to quickly set up a fully functional ML development environment and streamline the building, training, and deployment of ML models. Built on Amazon SageMaker Pipelines, the MLOps Accelerator offers a range of ready-to-use components, sample code, and automation features, allowing clients to focus on innovation while reducing time spent on infrastructure setup.

Alex Honchar, Head of AI/ML & Partner at Neurons Lab, shares his passion for quality AI/ML solutions: “Earning the AWS ML Competency status is a testament to our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence in AI and ML solutions on AWS. As scientists and engineers, we are driven by the challenge of turning complex problems into elegant, practical solutions, which in turn empowers our clients to push the boundaries of what’s possible in their respective industries.”

The AWS ML Competency status distinguishes Neurons Lab as an AWS Partner that excels in delivering cutting-edge AI and ML solutions on AWS. With its AI-driven analytics, computer vision, and natural language processing services, Neurons Lab is committed to providing exceptional value to its clients across various industries, including healthcare, retail, logistics, and gaming.

One of Neurons Lab’s noteworthy success stories comes from their collaboration with iPlena. Alexander Srokovskyi, CEO of iPlenaosteopath, physiotherapist, and entrepreneur, praises their partnership:

“This is great to see that we can implement our method for these businesses. So, we can solve this problem. We can even make a massage more efficient for the people who use the app. For example, you go to the masseur, take a scan before, and based on the analysis, the message will be adapted to your problems”

iPlena app screens

About Neurons Lab – Neurons Lab is committed to delivering innovative AI and ML solutions by leveraging the capabilities of AWS. Focused on industries such as healthcare, retail, logistics, and gaming, Neurons Lab combines AI engineering, fundamental sciences, and deep business knowledge to provide exceptional value to its clients. With their AWS-powered AI/ML services and expertise, Neurons Lab helps businesses capitalize on the ever-growing potential of AI and ML technologies.